Problems? I Got Solutions.

Problem. Hyperlocal publications thrive in the creative enclaves of Brooklyn. They provide many of the borough’s best news, features, tips and editorials. However, they’re either making no money. Or not enough to be sustainable. To boot, publishers and editors want to spend their time reporting, writing and creating. They don’t want to spend all of their time trying to convince businesses to advertise on their sites.

Problem. Advertisers want to reach the demographic of readers who frequent many of these hyperlocal sites. However, most of these sites are too small by themselves. Advertisers don’t want make a dozen ad buys and only reach 250,000 people in a month. They want to deal with one person or sales rep. To boot, many local businesses don’t know how advertising works. And many don’t even have an ad for their business designed.

Solution. OVERFLOW Publishing. No joke.

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