Myths of Innovation – Abridged!

Here’s my attempt to take the 80 pages of this book we read over the weekend and boil it down to 150 words. A real time saver, if you ask me! Ok… Go! Profound and revolutionary ideas are the product of years of work and, often, failure – they don’t materialize out of thin air. History is often the story of success and not the story of failure. Good luck trying sell that book you wrote on How to be an Innovator – in the world of innovation there’s no how-to, dummy. The powers that be maintain their power through protecting the status quo – don’t fuck with it! Finally, one man does not change the world by himself. See, wasn’t that easy? So far Mr. Berkun has yet to dazzle me with his pithy anecdotes or yawn-inducing examples. What’s truly innovative about this book? The fact that his publishers charge $17.99 for it. (151 words)

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