Zinio – The Numbers Were Never There To Begin With

I did a double-take the first time I saw the number. And then I read it again. Sure enough, I read it right the first time:

Five-hundred thousand. A half-million. 500,000.

That’s how many Spaniards Raul Suarez wanted using Zinio within three years of launching the digital magazine reader in a country with 45 million people, only 37 percent of whom used the internet regularly. That’s 16.6 million people. Which means for Zinio to achieve its goal, one out of every 32 internet users in Spain would have to buy into the platform, which was fairly limited in scope to begin with (magazines, and only a select number).

Not a promising proposition, if you ask me. The numbers look even more grim when you see that only 49 percent of Spaniards were even reading magazines in 2006. Yikes!

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